With a lifting capacity of 6t, the Hydraulica 6000 provides in lifting power 2t more than its nearest rival, the Hydraulica 4000.

The new vacuum lifter is suitable for lifting not only glass, but also non-porous items such as plastic boards, ceramic plates and sheet metals. The main features include four vacuum circuits with four on-board maintenance free vacuum pumps; electric powered 360o rotation; 90o hydraulic tilt; audio-visual low vacuum alert; cable remote control as standard and optional radio remote; sliding extensions arms.

Chris Lord, operations director at GGR Group, said: "The launch of the Hydraulica 6000 shows we can offer our customers more vacuum lifting power than any other product currently available the UK. The only thing that comes close is the Hydraulica 4000, which is on our fleet anyway.

"Our company has always been about innovation, not imitation. Having the Hydraulica 6000, which is the biggest on the market, cements our position as the market leader in our field."