With this transaction the company takes the first step executing its Gantrex 4.0 strategic plan, creating a more intimate customer relation through the addition of mechanical services and digital solutions, and by doing so increasing global revenue.

In recent years both Gantrex and ABS have developed a new global service activity focused on repair and modification of trolley rail systems on container handling cranes. In executing these projects, port customers often asked Gantrex to go beyond its traditional scope and include a wider range of mechanical services.

The acquisition of ABS will allow the scope of services to be expanded and provide a more complete offering to customers in the region.

In addition, the company expects to leverage its global presence of regional inventories to further develop sales of a variety of crane parts.

"I recognized the business synergy and potential to be a part of the Gantrex Group. To sell the company was a difficult decision, because we created a consolidated company, with a great professional team, offering diversified services and products for all types of port cranes, keeping our customers loyal in this difficult-to-reach sector. Now we close one chapter only to face this new future with even more optimism and enthusiasm to continue growing within this great organization,” said Antonio Bravo Silva, MD, ABS.

Alberto Beraza, VP, SW-Europe & Latin America, Gantrex added: "For Gantrex it has been a learning process in certain aspects, the markets of both companies are parallel, but not the same. Concepts such as designing or adapting spare parts to the needs of each crane is a very interesting line to be easily exported to the Worldwide Port Market. Gantrex 4.0, Port Crane Business opens very interesting doors for in the coming years.”

Maarten Impens, CEO, Gantrex Group, added: "Our customers in the port industry are increasingly asking to expand our mechanical service offering beyond traditional crane rail solutions, and with the integration of ABS into the Gantrex Group we will be able to provide them a more complete answer. This is an exciting first step in the execution of our new strategic growth plan and we look forward to growing the business alongside Antonio and his team.”