The four J D Neuhaus type EH50 air operated monorail hoists supplied have a combined lift capacity of 200t and have been specified for the synchronised lifting and handling of an 18.3/4" 15,000psi BOP unit before and after drilling operations. Two hoists are each mounted on twin parallel overhead rails, with each hoist providing 50t load and 20m lift capacities for between deck operations. Removable connector bars have also been supplied for fitting between paired hoists on the individual rails to maintain a fixed working distance of 4060mm between the load hook centres.

J D Neuhaus stated that the minimum horizontal travel distance of the trolleys with the connector bars fitted is 14.81m. The maximum available free travel without the connector bars in place is 18m, with the travel distance limited by pneumatic end switches mounted on the hoist trolleys.

J D Neuhaus added: "The hoists provided are part of a range of well-proven JDN monorail hoists with individual lift capacities from 10 to 115t. They are ideally suited for working in hazardous areas and the drives are hermetically sealed-off from the environment. They incorporate integrated overload protection with a fully enclosed, robust gear motors and extremely low noise emissions and with optional air or hydraulic hoist operation."