The crane operator responded to a letter which argued: “Why should assembly line employees in car companies, with a high school education, make twice the salary of public school teachers who have college education?”

The original letter expressed contempt at the suggestion that the federal government should use taxpayers’ money to bailout General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. “We live in a free enterprise system, it may actually be better if one or all these companies go bankrupt,” the letter continued.

The overhead crane operator responded: “I recognise the value of a college education and I think teachers deserve every penny they make. However, there is nothing wrong with having ‘only a high school education.’ It does not mean that anyone else is less deserving of a higher wage just because they may not have had the opportunity or means to go to college.”

The former crane operator worked for an automaker in Middle Tennessee for over 23 years “and I can tell you that the autoworkers earn every penny they make. I operated an overhead crane for years and it is a very difficult and hazardous job. You move tons of material…over large areas,” he said.

And added: “While we were paid well, we worked hard for it. These are not mindless jobs that require no skill or physical exertion.”

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