After ordering the first crane in Q1 2024, the port quickly decided to take a second optional crane at the beginning of Q2 to keep up with fast-growing demand. Both cranes will be delivered by the end of the year.

SeaPort Manatee, the closest US deepwater seaport to the expanded Panama Canal, is investing in equipment to manage anticipated strong growth in container and general cargo traffic. With four Konecranes mobile harbor cranes already on site, the port ordered two more that will offer the ability to run both with electricity from the harbor main, meaning a significant reduction in emissions and a higher efficiency.

“These two new Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbor cranes will not only help SeaPort Manatee accommodate its growing container business, but their electric drive design will also contribute to the port’s strong commitment to reducing emissions. Both the Florida Department of Transportation and the port’s loyal customers appreciate this dedication to sustainability and the entire community will benefit,” said Carlos Buqueras, executive director, SeaPort Manatee.

“We’ve been proud to work with SeaPort Manatee over the last two decades as they’ve cemented a key role in the economy of Florida. This order is a good example of the interest our Generation 6 cranes are developing across the market with their high performance, outstanding reliability and impressive eco-efficiency,” added Alan Garcia, sales director, Port Solutions, Konecranes. 

The order is for two Konecranes Gottwald ESP.7 mobile harbor cranes, with a working radius of up to 51 m and a maximum capacity of 125 t to serve container ships up to post-Panamax class. 

When connected to the harbor mains by cable reel, it eliminates local exhaust emissions and collects lowering and braking energy in ultracapacitors. For unplugged operation, the crane is powered by a smart hybrid drive combining a fuel-optimized diesel generator with the ultracapacitors that provide additional power for heavy lifts.

SeaPort Manatee will use Truconnect remote monitoring to collect usage data, which is sent via secure mobile connection to the yourKONECRANES customer portal. There they get a full overview of their Konecranes equipment, with detailed information about fuel consumption, carbon emissions and handling performance.