Five new power plants planned for Malaysia

8 November 2012

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Malaysian company Sarawak Energy plans to build five coal-fired power plants, with the first one aiming for commercial operational in the second quarter of 2016, local media has reported.

These plants include the 600MW Balingian I project, for which several aspects of the project are already out for tender. The Balingian I coal-fired plant project will be built close to coalfields.

Other projects include Balingian II (300MW), Mukah West I (600MW), Merit Pila in Kapit Division (300MW), and Mukah West II (600MW).

The total annual coal consumption of these proposed power plants will be 12 million tonnes. Sarawak Energy plans to increase its energy generation mix from coal, which is currently 15 per cent, to around 20 per cent to ensure a reliable power supply.