Famak has cooperated with dockside crane builders Kuenz, Koecks and Liebherr in the past, said Marek Boron’, a Famak sales director.

Boron’ did not comment further on the nature of the cooperation. “There aren’t any details so far,” he said.

According to Konstantin Fedorovich Volykhin, OMZ Cranes head of marketing, the agreement will help Famak improve its business in Russia, and OMZ Cranes in eastern Europe.

He said that OMZ has not sold cranes into the EU before.

An OMZ press release said that the companies will collaborate on designs, and would buy equipment and components from each other.

It also said that OMZ Cranes will service Famak equipment already in Russia.

Famak is based in Kluczbork, Poland and makes dockside cranes, gantry cranes, overhead cranes and bulk handling systems. The company is 60 years old.

OMZ Cranes, a subsidiary of the United Heavy Machinery Corporation, was set up in 2003. Its cranes are made in the Urals Heavy Machine Building Plant (UZTM).

Although it has only delivered several cranes in Russia and India in that time, it has about 100 cranes in production, according to Volykhin, including orders for 80 cranes for the Kundamkulam nuclear power plant in India, and two heavy machinery hall cranes in the Vietnam hydroelectric power station Hesan-3.