The maximum capacity of the SWF Nova wire rope hoist range has been doubled, there is a new 6.3t hoist and an electronic condition monitoring system has been introduced.

Nova hoists are now available in capacities up to 20t instead of the previous 10t maximum. Further increases for 2002 are promised – to a maximum capacity of 100t by the end of the year – said SWF sales and marketing director Jürgen Dlugi.

A new 6.3t capacity Nova hoist is also now available, developed from the 5t model. It is smaller than the old 6.3t hoist because that was a downrated 10t unit.

Also new is the NovaMaster, an electronic condition monitoring and crane protection system designed for maintenance planning to reduce crane running costs and lessen downtime.

The system does not have any mechanical wearing parts and does not need additional equipment such as a computer to analyse the data, SWF says.

NovaMaster is available in three different versions, all of which include an overload device, power supply phase sequence monitoring, and motor temperature and brake wear sensing.

SWP (Safe Working Period) is the first version. Information provided by the system includes the number of starts, overloads, cycles and total operating time. The LoadDisplay version has an interactive display mounted on the pendant control that can show additional data including the weight of the load. It can be combined with the SWP version.

Third is the Tandem, developed for use where there are several hoists operating together, it allows loads on the group of hoists to be summarised. SWP is included with the Tandem system.

Deliveries of the NovaMaster had already been made in the first week of its 1 December launch, according to SWF.

Nova is SWF’s version of owner Konecranes’ Q series hoist, also known as the Verlinde VT, R&M SX and Konecranes CXT. The increased capacity range, the new 6.3t hoist and the condition monitoring system under the SWF Nova branding are also being applied across the other brands, according to Dlugi.