Chinese manufacturer L&H Hoists makes 90,000 lever hoists and chain blocks a year at its factory in Hangzhou, near Shanghai. The two-year old company evolved from a state-owned trading company. It has 10 staff in Hangzhou and 130 factory employees.
Unlike many other Chinese manufacturers, the company manufactures for export only. “We do not export to the closer markets because our products’ quality is at a high level and the price is a little bit higher than the other Chinese manufacturers. The Asian countries like the cheap hoists,’ says managing director Li Baoping.
The company’s products are badged by about 20 customers, including Pacific Hoists Pty of Australia, which sells into Southeast Asia, and in Europe by Dutch firm Van der Ree, German vendor Pfaff Silberblau, and Swedish vendor Månsarps Mekaniska Verkstad. “We are looking to enter the USA, South Africa, South American and other markets, where we have no customers,” she said.
New products include a 500kg lever hoist with two needle bearings on the load chain sprocket to smoothen hoisting motions. This hoist is also geared for a lighter pull than those without, Baoping said. The company manufactures six lines of lever hoists, including a 9t three-fall model and a small 250kg model.
The company makes five lines of single and multiple-fall chain blocks. The B series of chain block, launched in 2000, has 13 models ranging from 250kg to 20t lifting capacity, with one to eight falls of chain.
Chain block and lever hoist have the option of an overload-limiter that causes the chain to slip when the operator tries to use it to lift a heavy load. Also, the company can supply both fitted with German RUD zinc-plated load chain.
Other products include low headroom trolleys with capacities of 500kg to 20t featuring heights from the girder top to hook ranging from 299mm to 915mm respectively, plus sliding and chain-driven trolleys, clamps, snatch blocks, magnet lifters and winches.
German certification body Tüv Rheinland has certified three lines of chain hoist and an electric hoist model. L&H has self-CE certified all of the lever hoists and the rest of the chain hoists, the trolley hoists, and some of the other products. It has also self-certified all the chain blocks and lever hoists comply with ANSI B30.16-1987 and ANSI B30.21D-1993 standards.
“Business is increased a lot this year,” Baoping says. This growth is despite steel shortages – “Now we find it a little bit difficult” she says – and prejudices against Chinese products. “Not all the Chinese products are bad, in the last ten years China has developed very fast. Product quality has also improved a lot.”