One of R Stahl’s most noteworthy achievements in 1997 was the supply and installation of a 32t/10t crane and 15t monorail hoist on board the Glas Dowr – a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel owned by Bluewater BV Holland.

All electrical equipment for this order was explosion-proofed and has been fully certified in accordance with CENELEC requirements.

The EOT was provided for the installation and subsequent maintenance of the swivel turret parts in the turret deckhouse and was required to meet the demanding specifications necessary for work in an FPSO environment. Travel and traverse motions of the crane were provided by Stahl gear motor units driving pinions on machined racks.

The electric mono-rail hoist runs along a curved beam to transport equipment to and from the turret deck. Motive power is supplied by a Stahl rack-and-pinion geared motor units.

Since completion of this order, Bluewater has placed a further contract for Stahl lifting equipment for another FPSO project.

In the same industry, Stahl has completed an order for the Petrobras P26 semi-submersible platform, which is ultimately destined for Brazil.

This order was completed in conjunction with NIM Sales and entailed the supply of an 11t double-girder EOT and 16 Stahl electric wire-rope and chain hoists of both standard and explosion-proof design. The crane was designed and arranged to run on three separate sets of gantry rails. Installation took place at the Astilleros Espanoles shipyard in Spain.