Liftrig will focus on lift assurance services such as lift planning, assurance, auditing, design verification as well as training verification for client firms, along with engineering design services.

Bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the lifting sector, along with former Modulift design engineer Mario Martins and marketing consultant Ella Jennings, members of the Liftrig team have previously been involved in some high-value cable handling projects, such as the TAT 14 transatlantic cable that required design and provision of handling systems for the ship-to-ship of over 20,000t of fibre optic cables.

Throughout their careers, Latham’s team have also designed a system for what they say is the largest cable handling facility in the UK, which Latham believes shows that the firm is well experienced in providing safe, but cost-effective solutions.

Latham said: “Safety standards are exceptionally high nowadays, as they should be. There is a corporate responsibility to ensure that those obligations are met and that verification procedures can be initiated to assure that organisations meet those responsibilities.

“This is where LiftRig can help — the huge variety of services we provide means that our clients can ensure that this is taken care of.”

Latham added: “It’s an exciting new challenge and LiftRig are already involved with a number of high-profile projects. I’m confident that LiftRig can quickly achieve our goal to combine passion, experience and integrity in order to provide safe and effective lifting solutions, systems and procedures.”