Dieter Paul, owner, Storemaster, was looking for a lifting device, for his MasterTower warehouse, because the metal sheets needed to be stored quickly and securely, even high up by a single worker without a ladder.

In order to utilise the available space as efficiently as possible, the new lifting device had to be very flat.

He contacted Eurotech after seeing a lifting device from its eT-Hover range and it was customised in a flat format, 350 mm tall. The eT-Hover-panel lifts small, medium-sized and large metal sheets with a size of up to 4×2 metres and a weight of up to 750 kg. It can also handle other vacuum-sealed panels made from wood, plastic, and stone using specially manufactured suction plates.

The operating functioms of eT-Hover comprise; a thumb switch which initiates the upward and downward movement, a button which activates the suction and ventilation functions. The operating handle also manoeuvres the telescope arm, which can be bent in intervals of 22.5°, to an ergonomically optimal operating position. This allows workers to reach the top drawer as well as the bottom drawer from a comfortable position without bending over or extending their back.

“We are fit for the future. Thanks to Eurotech, we rapidly realised the project we had envisaged. It saves us valuable time and quite a lot of money, too,” said Paul.

The spiral cord running around the lifting device serves two purposes: energy supply and control of the chain hoist. A chain guide inside the spiral cable prevents the chain and cable from becoming entangled.

Eurotech equipped the device with a vibrating function upon request from the customer; to separate oiled or adhesive double sheets and prevents accidents caused by the uncontrolled removal of double sheets.

A vacuum pump with an integrated non return valve, vacuum reservoir and two solenoid valves generates the vacuum. The components control the suction and ventilation functions. The device is equipped with an aeration unit for fast detachment of the load.

The lifting device is manufactured to DIN EN 13155 standards. To prevent operating errors and hazards, it is equipped with a range of safety and warning systems: an integrated vacuum gauge with a red/green zone, a red and green signal light, an acoustic signal and a two-handed operating handle for the ventilation system.