The SBL500 facilitates infrastructure projects at ports, railways, power and industrial plants – basically any civil or commercial construction application where traditional cranes will not fit and overhead cranes are not an option. 

“The addition of another 500-ton hydraulic gantry, the Enerpac SBL500, to our rental fleet demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with heavy lifting solutions for their biggest jobs,” said Christopher E. Cox, P.E., founder and president of Engineered Rigging. 

“We expect bidding on large infrastructure projects to increase in 2024, and we stand ready to assist customers with equipment rentals.” 

The 500-ton capacity hydraulic gantry features four legs with internal three-stage double- acting hydraulic cylinders, octagonal boom design for added strength, fixed boom, and self-propelled steel wheels for travel on skid tracks. 

Each lifting tower is also equipped with a counter balance valve, stroke sensor and pressure transducers for use with the Intelli-Lift Wireless Control System. 

To enhance safety, trained technicians can remotely operate the lifting towers – either independently or as a group of two, three or four towers – wirelessly with the Intelli-Lift control system or, if site conditions dictate, via a control cable. 

Additional features of Intelli-Lift include: Smart controller capable of controlling up to four towers; Load reading for each tower; Operating height reading for each tower; Overload alarms; Synchronized lifting and lowering between all selected towers; Synchronized travel between all selected towers and Emergency stop circuit located on board.