Engineered Rigging debuts Holmatro Lightweight Skidding System

8 May 2024

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Engineered Rigging has expanded its fleet of skidding systems to include the Holmatro 200T lightweight model which is easy to transport, store and operate.

The system can be quickly set up by one or two people without a forklift or additional equipment. With a 200-ton capacity, the skidding system is ideal for moving objects in confined areas and positioning heavy equipment and large objects like bridge segments. Its modular design allows it to be configured to each load’s exact specifications. 

The tracks are easy to connect to each other by means of a click pin system which requires no additional tools or bolting. Stainless steel slide beams with a finger locking system are then placed in the tracks. 

With a handle on the push-pull unit, the direction of Holmatro’s Lightweight Skidding System can be switched in a split second. The return line of the push-pull cylinder is internal, which significantly improves safety and reduces potential damage. This design also allows the advance and retract couplers to be positioned next to each other on the back side of the cylinder which makes it easier for hoses of equal length to track with the skidding system during movement. 

The Lightweight Skidding System is driven by a powerful hydraulic split-flow pump. 

Engineered Rigging’s rental kit includes two push-pull units, a split-flow pump, track and skid beams, hydraulic hoses polarized for the system and a storage frame.