Starting at under 12 inches retracted, each portable, ergonomic cylinder has a lifting capacity of 100 tons but weighs only 50 pounds and features a compact footprint. Its design eliminates the need for stacking wood or filler blocks and expedites the lifting process. 

With a stroke of 4.7 inches, the solution can safely lift and mechanically secure a load.  

The Ring Climbing Cylinders are ideal for challenging locations with limited access including low-height bridge lift operations, bridge bearing replacement and lifting large or heavy industrial components such as transformers and other machines equipped with low clearance lifting pockets. 

A set is comprised of four double-acting aluminum cylinders, stacking rings, insert blocks and a fork accessory to safely place the stacking rings. 

With the addition of a split flow pump the operator can safely and accurately lift or lower the component into place with all points synchronized. 

“With its elevated lifting height, the Holmatro Ring Climbing Cylinder is the ideal choice for projects with tight timelines and limited access,” said Mike Beres, VP, Engineered Rigging. “We are thrilled to bring this innovative solution to the US equipment rental market.”