With headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden, the company has expanded steadily over the decades, now operating across four facilities along the same street. This growth has been underpinned by facility expansions and continuous product development. Looking forward, the company prepares to take further actions on its next chapter of expansion.

During the fall of 2024, the company will start construction on approx. 1,700m2 of additional space to enable continued growth. The plan is to facilitate for increased manufacturing capacity in the existing product range as well as for new products that are planned to be launched within the truck and crane segment.

“Our investments in product development have turned out well and we can see an increased demand in Europe as well as Asia and the USA. In 2025 we are scheduling several exciting launches and to meet future capacity needs, we are now investing in larger premises,” said Gösta Karlsson, CEO, ELME Spreader.

With a market leading position for truck spreaders, ELME Spreader is now directing substantial resources towards product development of its crane spreader segment.

Recent efforts have focused on talent acquisition, in combination with investments on new machinery, making the production processes more efficient, and the planned extension of one of the buildings this year, is a well estimated strategic effort to meet the high demand of the market.