The spreader is designed for use under a gantry at the front of a lift truck.

The product features two parallel telescopic beams, assuring max overlap, the company said. The beam sections are dimensioned to absorb not only the vertical, but also considerable horizontal forces, while the Innovation range’s latest design offers increased structural strength and reduced weight, and is estimated to have an increased life expectancy of 30% related to fatigue resistance and standard load case conditions.

The reduced spreader weight enables improvements on the lift truck design.

The previous generation’s well-proven twistlock system, manufactured in a rugged design, carries its benefits into the New Generation of spreaders, of which the 818 Innovation WTP is one. It also has hardened ISO quick exchange pendular twistlocks that are hydraulically activated with mechanical interlocking against faulty locking and unlocking.

Four telescopic hangers connect the spreader to the gantry. Elme said gravity assures the level position of the spreader. The hangers will allow the spreader to automatically adapt to containers on trailers or on uneven ground.

Telescoping is powered by one hydraulic cylinder for each end beam and sideshift is executed by one hydraulic cylinder. The slew and reach motions are possible thanks to two hydraulic cylinders that connect the spreader to the gantry. By powering either one or both cylinders, the slew and reach functions are activated.

The WTP option built into the spreader endbeams allows the operator to hydraulically change the twistlock positions to handle ISO and US-domestic containers as well as WTP containers.