As with Elebia’s other lifting products, the NEO50 features the capability to engage and release a load remotely, enhancing safety and efficiency.

The new development also offers a safety factor of 4:1, and is fitted with a load cell, fully integrated into the lifting hook. A four-colour coded LED indicator displays the hook’s battery status at all times, to ensure power is not lost during use.

Oscar Fillol, founder and CEO at Elebia, says: “There are still many lifting operations in all industries where hooks without a safety latch are used. The NEO50 simplifies this procedure and avoids the need of any human intervention necessary in securing a hook to the load. To aid lifting and manoeuvrability, the geometry of NEO50’s design avoids lifting any load on the tip of the hook, or tip loading. It also eliminates the human factor with no need to manually intervene during the procedure and minimises the risks associated with the lifting process.

“A laser pointer serves as a guide to perfectly place and set the NEO50 lifting hook in the correct position when approaching the lifting point. This is particularly useful in lifting operations where distance can cause the sense of depth to be misjudged.”