EKH is a licensed inspection firm for hoisting and lifting equipment and uses  extensive working regulations and inspection schedules based on standards in the Machinery Directive, Dutch Working Conditions Act, NEN, DIN, etc. and provides training for professional inspectors with personal certificates. 

Verhoef is an advocate for a separate lifting equipment plan, specifically written for individual companies aside to other European Directive documents, which he claims are too broad range in their terminology. 

In an exclusive interview with Hoist, he explains that according to the European Directive on work equipment, all lifting operations ‘shall be planned and supervised’, but in mainland Europe not everyone is realising that, and there is a difference in attitude within the industry of those using for example, a mobile crawler crane compared to Overhead Travelling Cranes (OTC) and cranes in power stations.  



“There needs to be a better understanding of what is written in rules and regulations at European level,  and comply with it, because when you read about an incident or an accident investigation there is something that they missed in the rules and regulations and if they had read and understood the documents, the incident would not have happened,” said Verhoef. 

“The industry needs to make people aware of those using the equipment that they have to comply with and understand the rules and regulations. It’s a question of repeating the message and using examples and showing them that safety is priceless, but the real cost of safety is when an accident occurs.”  

Verhoef says he himself gives training on lifting and hoisting rules and regulations to help companies understand the implications but more needs to be done.