The HS400/V12 Minicrane is built with a Hinowa HS400 chassis and a Penny Hydraulics V12 crane. The crane is fully hydraulic, has a maximum working load of 630kg when mounted on the chassis, and can be supplied with an optional electric winch allowing the handling of items below ground level. The three-section boom can be extended to 2.9m, with the maximum working load at full boom extension of 240kg. It is also equipped as standard with a load limiting device, a load limit indicator and a remote umbilical control to ensure safe operation.

When not in use, the crane folds down to the king post meaning the HS400/V12 has a maximum height of 1.84m when stowed. This allows it to be transported in high-roof vans or on conventional plant trailers and fit through doorways for indoor work.

The battery-powered, track-mounted HS400 chassis delivers 4.75kW of power and is able to work on a range of indoor and outdoor terrains.

“We believe there is a market among utilities, construction companies, civil engineers, machinery installers engineers, monumental stonemasons and local authorities, all of whom have specific handling requirements that involve off-road operations,” says Richard Hunt, managing director of Hinowa.

“Our design innovation and load handling expertise combined with the market knowledge at Hinowa has enabled us to work together to develop a practical solution based on two popular and successful products to meet demand for a highly cost-effective and high performance mobile crane,” says Richard Short, sales director at Penny Hydraulics.