The installation represents part of a project to upgrade older lifting system at the plant, and follows a similar installed by Pelloby in December 2015.

The cranes have spans of 21.8m, and provide 9.8m of lift. They run on different gantry rails at separate locations in the press shop, with the end carriages fitted with anti-collision/slowdown units to prevent either system coming into contact with a neighbouring cranes, by shutting down the power once they reach a pre-determined proximity.

Due to the double-girder design, a travelling Verlinde crab unit is able to sit on top of the beams of each crane. The VT5 electric wire rope hoist crab units incorporate digital load displays and true vertical lift, says Pelloby, which prevents any lateral movement to improve hoisting performance.

As well as installing the two cranes, Pelloby will also provide a series of follow-up servicing visits over the 48 months following the installation. To assist with maintenance, both sides of the cranes are fitted with a walkway along the entire span, as well as a Metreel safewire fall arrest system, and a self-closing mechanism on the access gate of the safety rail.

Other features include emergency stop buttons on the walkways, and five LED floodlights.

Pelloby oversaw the project from design to final commissioning, including providing operator training and removing the existing crane.