The crane has a span of 25.62m + 9.5m useful cantilever, and a height of 23.25m above level 0 + 4.8 m pit depth.

The installation took four days to complete, beginning with the transfer of the structural sub-assemblies that make up the gantry crane, and the 39m beams, from GH’s Headquarters in Beasain to Zumaia. The transportation took place at night using special vehicles and police escorts.

GH operators with the help of workers from Gruas Usabiaga then mounted the end carriages, positioned the fixed and articulated legs and installed the main and auxiliary trolley, along with completing other tasks and final adjustments.

The installation of this crane at the Balenciaga Shipyard transforms its slipway carriage into a second slipway for the construction of boats. This will allow the company to complete the build of its boats from the first component to the last, as well as offering the possibility of building two boats in parallel.