Whether customers use lift trucks to move containers, port cranes to handle cargo or shipyard cranes to build ships, all operational data is now collected and stored together. 

Available 24/7, this information helps plan maintenance and optimize asset deployment. Konecranes APIs integrate into existing systems, so installation is simple and training is minimal.

“Modern business is all about data. Full connectivity by default empowers Konecranes customers with a complete view of their equipment and the opportunity to use that information to build a data-driven digital ecosystem to streamline daily processes, maximize productivity and strengthen the impact of long-term business decisions,” said Mohammad Rahman, digital sales manager, Port Services, Konecranes.

Truconnect Remote Monitoring collects data on safety alerts, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, battery performance and many other variables for near real-time diagnostics and technical support. 

CheckApp is a mobile inspection tool that guides equipment operators through daily inspections using a phone or tablet. Quicker and easier inspections mean safer equipment and immediate inspection results help with maintenance planning. 

Konecranes STORE synchronizes with customer equipment needs to facilitate spare parts ordering and minimize lead times. 

Bringing it all together, Konecranes APIs integrate these three services into any customer system for a scalable and flexible data resource.

 All the Konecranes digital services transmit securely to yourKONECRANES, a customer portal with customizable dashboard settings for collecting, visualizing and analyzing the data.