Demag raises the roof module for Romania’s largest stadium

28 February 2012

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Inaugurated in August last year, the almost 40,000m2 stadium is now Romania’s largest and has been designed to UEFA Champions League football standards. It can hold crowds of up to 55,000, features a retractable interior roof and suspended from the roof over the centre of the pitch is an 11.5m x 9.2m x 9m video module with four screens.

This module allows spectators to follow the action on each of its four 32m2 displays, but when weather conditions are poor the module needs to be moved to allow the membrane-like roof to close.

To this end the company responsible for the design, build and installation of the module, Squadrat, partnered with Demag Cranes to devise a system where the module can be lowered several metres to allow closing of the roof before being raised to its original position.

Having worked on a similar project before, Demag Cranes were able to suggest a solution that incorporated compact design, a long hook path, high safety standards and low-cost maintenance.

Demag Cranes head of components, Dr Thomas Bönker, commented: “We had already realised a similar project at the Commerzbank Arena, the former Waldstadion in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The experience we gained there was valuable and enabled us to manage the many challenges resulting from the tight schedule to the satisfaction of all concerned.”

Pleased with the results of the collaboration, Squadrat general Manager, Mark Siedentopf, added: “For the project in Bucharest, we looked for and found a partner with a proven track record of technical expertise and experience in the implementation of comparable solutions.

“Demag Cranes also provided us with good advice on safety and efficiency. Precision, time management and logistics were specified and delivered.”

Four Demag DH 1000 hoists with rated load capacities of 18t were used, resulting in a cumulative capacity twice that of the working load for safety.

These were chosen to meet specific standards required by BGV C1 accident prevention regulations, related to event and production facilities for stage presentations.

To meet the BGV C1 requirements for mechanical components, the hoists were fitted with special holding brakes, operating limit switches and an electronic load detector in the return sheave to switch off the hoist when the rated load capacity is exceeded by a factor of 1.2.

Arranged as parallel units with a coaxial coupling, each hoist is powered by an inverter controlled Demag ZBA cylindrical-rotor motor that allows all hoist movements to be synchronised, achieving lifting and lowering speeds of between 0.5 and 5m per minute.

Along with special preparation of the hoists for outdoor use, the use of bespoke rope drums with high-strength 16.2mm diameter wire ropes meant a hook path of 41.5m could be achieved, allowing the module to be lowered almost down to ground level for maintenance.

Suspended in a web of wire rope, four 18t Demag hoists are used to lower and raise the video module Suspended in a web of wire rope, four 18t Demag hoists are used to lower and raise the video module
Romania's new national stadium Romania's new national stadium