Its components, which feature nominal sizes of up to 48", must meet extremely strict requirements concerning material quality, leak tightness, corrosion protection, and service life.

Producing large and heavy pipeline components involves a large number of process and transport steps. Demag has worked with the company since 2014 installing its pillar-mounted slewing cranes in Dubai.

With production operations set to be expanded with one additional production line, the company looked for a handling solution that would be able to take care of a series of tasks. One example is at the beginning of the process chain, where steel plates with thicknesses of 5mm to 200mm must be fed to a waterjet cutting / plasma cutting machine. The cut elements are then stored temporarily. As soon as there is a machining job, the cut plate elements – which can be quite heavy – are transported to various areas in the new manufacturing shop, e.g. for welding, machining, and painting.

Thanks to its previous experience using Demag’s (slewing) cranes and advice led Promat BD to work with Demag again for this project.

For this project, Demag designed and installed an overhead travelling crane with a load capacity of 10 tons. The corresponding girder spans the 20-meter width of the bay.

On the ground, each of the five working areas is equipped with a slewing crane that has been custom-configured for the task. The corresponding load capacities (one to two tons) are different from each other, as are the jib lengths and slewing ranges (0 to 360°). A two-ton slewing crane is installed at the end of the process chain, in the packing area.

The slewing cranes make ergonomic work and flexible and gentle handling possible. They make it easy to work on all sides of the pipeline components, which can weigh up to two tons. The cranes are controlled with a cable-connected DSC-7 controller, which enables operators to control all movements of the jib trolley and hoist movements with outstanding precision.

The crane setup designed for Promat BD shows that Demag’s standard range of products can be used to configure custom transport and handling solutions. The overhead travelling crane was configured from the modular system from the EKKE range. And even though all five slewing cranes are different from each other, they are standard products that are used daily.