It said this is due to manufacturing costs in the port technology segment that are associated with the new Generation 5 mobile harbour cranes. In addition, transport bottlenecks in the same segment have led to hold-ups in the delivery of manufactured cranes.

In the port technology segment, earnings in the third quarter based on preliminary figures are negative. Based on these new circumstances, the targets for the financial year have been adjusted as follows:

– Group sales: Euros 1,040 million to Euros 1,070 million (previously Euros 1,056 million to Euros 1,086 million)

– Adjusted group EBITDA: approximately Euros 113 million (previously Euros 127 million to Euros 132 million)

– Adjusted group EBIT: approximately Euros 93 million (previously Euros 105 million to Euros 109 million)

The final figures for the third quarter of financial year 2006/2007 will be published on August 9 2007.