SSS manufactures specialist and bespoke clutches for the power generation and marine sectors. The company’s customers include manufacturers of gas turbines, who rely on the clutches for the efficient transmission of power.

Demag supplied suspension cranes, incorporating its KBKII/KBKIIR monorail system in each of the two fitting shops. Each system comprises two 14.5m long downshop rails, upon which are mounted three 1,000kg SWL rated, 3.5m single girder crane bridges. Each of the crane bridges is equipped with a 1,000kg electric chain hoist from Demag’s DC-COM range.

Power supplies within the handling system are via bus bars, housed within the KBK track profile to protect against the ingress of dust and debris, with current collectors in the travel carriages.

The Demag materials handling systems have provided SSS Gears’ fitters with total control of load movement, in all directions, to assist in precision assembly and improve the efficiency of the production process.

In addition to the systems for the fitting shops, Demag also supplied lifting equipment for the factory’s component cleaning station. A system comprising a 500kg DC-COM electric chain hoist, mounted on a 500kg pillar mounted jib crane, with manual slewing, allows components to be lifted in and out of a component wash tank.

Demag supplied suspension cranes Demag supplied suspension cranes