Demag KBK light crane system expanded

18 March 2011

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Demag Cranes has added the KBK II-H steel profile section, with an inside-running rail component, to its KBK light crane system, enabling the construction of monorails and suspension cranes with capacities up to 2t.

The KBK II-H profile section is fully compatible with existing profile sections, rail brackets, trolleys and suspension fittings in the KBK II range, despite an installation height 13mm higher than existing KBK II profile sections.

It retains the same width as KBK II profile sections, and will be compatible with curved sections, track switches, turntables and drop sections via a profile adaptor to be released in mid-2011.Demag's new KBK II-H steel profile section

One important feature is the completely rigid rail joint: its connections are secured using self-retaining nuts, which allows greater planning freedom during system installation.

As the KBK II-H sections can support a full load regardless of track suspension positioning, crane suspension and track suspension clamps can be fitted at any position.

In addition, there is no need to use straight profile sections in specific lengths to accommodate pre-defined distances between suspensions.

With the KBK II-H section larger spans or distances between suspensions can be achieved, with support for loads of up to 1.2t possible even with distances of over 6m between suspensions.

Demag claims that with the system’s deadweight to load capacity ratio, additional supporting steelwork can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

Demag Cranes has also made the new section available with 5-pole conductor rails as the KBK II-H-R, which is intended to replace the existing KBK II-T section.

The new additions to Demag’s modular KBK crane construction kits mean the manufacturer now provides nine steel profile sections and two aluminium sections, with the entire KBK range covering capacities from 125kg to 3.2t.