The DVR series offers a choice of four designs. The F-DVR foot-mounted hoist with load capacities of up to 80t is suitable for stationary use or as a hoist for special trolleys, where it can be integrated into prepared steel structures. The EK-DVR is a monorail hoist with up to 12.5t capacity, two driven travel wheels and optimised headroom, making it a good option even where there is a low C-dimension (the measurement from the running surface of the hoist trolley wheels to the hook saddle).

Thanks to its variable flange width of 80-610mm, the EU-DVR standard-headroom monorail hoist can be used in a wide range of applications. It offers a load capacity of up to 40t. A curved articulated travelling version (EUD-DVR) is also available.

The EZ-DVR double-rail crab is characterised by features such as a short track width and various types of connections to the crawl beam. The user can choose between two control pendant series – DSB and DST. They can also add a wide range of options, from crane hooks and brakes to radio control. Two hoists on one trolley is available as an option too. The EZ-DVR offers a load capacity of up to 80t.

Five sizes across the four models are available, as are a variety of options, such as The OWL and DMU control units that monitor operating conditions. Smart features such as slack rope monitoring, the ‘Follow me’ function (moving the load by guiding the hook by hand) and hook-centring (automatic positioning of the hook above the load) can also be selected.

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