HMI, the Hoist Manufacturers Institute, is a trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA). HMI-Certified approval requires evaluation of the product’s technical design and specification by an independent third-party professional engineer.

The HMI website details the purpose of HMI-Certified as a means to instill confidence in the product bearing that mark and in the licensee providing that product. It adds HMI-Certified is a certification program indicating that the marked products meet one or more recognized standards.

Product design and test data was reviewed and certified to ensure Demag’s DC chain hoists conform to North American standards, including the Performance Standards for electric chain hoists ASME HST 1-1999 reaffirmed (2004), Safety Standards for overhead hoists ANSI B30.16, and National Fire Protection NFPA 70 Article 610.

Product safety, installation, operation, maintenance, and spare parts manuals, product training and technical support, lifecycle spare parts, and qualified service and repair capabilities were also required to receive the HMI-Certified mark, Demag said.