Vertical Lift Assistant is designed to improve lifts for single heavy loads. It may increase accuracy where the operator does not have a clear view of the lift.

Tandem Lift Assistant simplifies tandem lifts moving one load with two cranes, allowing two Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes to lift in tandem up to their full working load of 400t.

It uses rope inclination sensors fitted to the boom tip to ensures remains vertically over the load so no load sway can occur when lifting.

By reducing risk factors involved with multiple cranes, Tandem Lift Assistant eliminates the need to de-rate the maximum crane capacity to remain compliant with regulations.

It complies fully with ISO 12480-1 regulations for multiple lifting, as well as EN 954-1, which will be replaced by EN ISO 13849-1 in 2012.

Tandem Lift Assistant and Vertical Lift Assistant are displayed as modules in Gottwald’s Visumatic Crane Management System, the visualization and control system.