A new addition to the standard DH line-up is the 400 range for load capacities of 1.0t or more. Like the other three ranges – the 600, 1000 and 2000 – it is available in various basic designs: as a compact foot-mounted hoist, as a standard-headroom monorail hoist (for monorail suspension and other applications), and also in curved design, as a short trolley with optimised hook path and as a double-rail crab.  

Meanwhile, Demag says that standard versions now come with temperature monitoring and a DGS four-geared limit switch for reliable cut-off of the hoist unit, with four switching points integrated into the electrical housing and driven directly by the drum. 

Also, anyone opting for a DH hoist unit with speed-controlled drive will acquire the company’s ZBA hoist motor. This cylindrical-rotor motor can be integrated into, for example, closed loop with encoder feedback control technology. Other functions include a separately controllable brake with brake release control and brake adjustment monitoring, as well as the option of integrating an impulse generator.

Finally, a new feature is the combination of various options into packages for defined applications – for example, high humidity, arctic or tropical climates or corrosive environments such as those found in galvanising plants. Demag has put together a total of eight equipment packages in which the hoist unit, motor and coating are adapted to the application profile by means of 16 performance features.

“This gives the user the certainty that they are selecting the right hoist even in adverse environmental conditions and can expect a long service life,” said the company.

Klaus Hoffmann, vice president Demag distribution, added: "We are fulfilling the wishes of our customers and have expanded our previous portfolio in a targeted manner. Feedback from the market shows that this hoist continues to enjoy a very high level of acceptance and is the first choice for demanding applications. Accordingly, we are [using] the confident slogan ‘DH. The hoist unit. More than lifting’.”

Demag goes on to say that the expansion of the DH hoist unit range is not yet complete. Additional options and improvements are planned for the first half of 2024 – including to the rope hoist system and control technology.

“In this way, a proven, the high-quality concept will be made fit for the future and also for new requirements and areas of application,” it said.

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