Dellner Bubenzer launches SB 28.5 disc brake

14 January 2022

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Dellner Bubenzer has launched a SB 28.5 disc brake, now available worldwide.

The SB 28.5 brake upgrades its SB Series equipment with optimized technology and maintenance service and marks its first product launch since the Dellner Bubenzer merger in June 2021.

“Dellner Bubenzer is pleased to announce the release of the SB 28.5," said Jan-Willem Schoneveld, CCO, Dellner Bubenzer. "By constantly monitoring our products, recognizing optimal performance potential, and responding to market needs, this is another opportunity to expand and enhance our product portfolio with worldwide competence and expertise.”

“Sustainability is a driving force in development for us with the combination of the SB 28.5 with the BUEL thruster. This an important development for braking systems that consumes less energy with a fast-closing time.

"Beyond sustainability and energy saving, the SB 28.5 brake presents the significant advantage of less maintenance. This is a result of the improved self-centering system by roller and cam. In addition, we have advanced the automatic wear compensation and the parallel alignment of brake shoes, so maintenance work is simplified. The compact design allows our customers for 1:1 replacement of previous products, ensuring precise interchangeability if new brakes are needed.

"This new braking system underscores Dellner Bubenzer commitment to uphold our pioneering reputation and deploy the latest in technology to mirror what market needs, and our clients deserve.”

Dellner Bubenzer Group designs and manufactures braking and hydraulic systems for the material handling, crane and hoist, container handling, mining, marine, industrial, offshore, oil and gas, and wind energy sectors. The group employs 900 employees with annual revenues reach EUR 140m.