The first two manual RTGs will be retrofitted to ARTG by April 2023, with the remaining 13 manual RTGs following suit by January 2024. The 10 new ARTGs will be delivered by September 2023.

DCT Gdansk has a fleet of 15 manually operated Konecranes RTGs from 2016 and the technology on order will serve as part of the terminal’s ongoing expansion plans.

The retrofitted and new Konecranes ARTGs will have the latest Konecranes ARTG technology including a fully automated gantry, enabled by the “street bogie”. Truck handling will be remotely supervised from Remote Operating Stations (ROSs).

Special features include container number recognition based on OCR technology, and terminal tractor recognition based on RFID technology.

Overall, the ARTG fleet will provide high productivity that is consistent and predictable, while contributing to improved safety – there will be much less man/machine interaction than with manned RTGs.

“DCT Gdansk has chosen us for automated RTG operation because we have a proven track record of ARTG delivery and many satisfied ARTG customers. Our experience is essential, because we can retrofit DCT Gdansk’s manual RTGs to ARTG in phases while delivering the new ARTGs,” said Roman Ivanov, sales manager, Port Solutions, Konecranes.

Integration of the Konecranes ARTGs with the Equipment Control System (ECS), developed in-house by PSA, will progress in carefully scheduled phases.

“This project is very ambitious and central to our expansion plans. We needed a supplier with experience of handling both sides of this automation equation, new equipment and retrofitting, while working with our Equipment Control System. We also wanted the highest-performing RTGs. Konecranes convinced us in every respect,” said Mustafa Dogan, technical director, DCT Gdansk.