The new facility is based on double bay-type layout with EAF bay (135t EAF), teeming bay and covered scrap yard.

Danieli Centro Cranes will supply an EAF charging crane, 15t capacity, with 28m span, capable of lifting the EAF shell, a teeming crane of 15t capacity, with 21m span and four scrap yard cranes of 24t capacity, with 33.5 and 34.5m span, respectively.

Both charging and teeming cranes are double-girder type, with the possibility to move the main hook and the first auxiliary hook independently.

The scrap yard cranes will be equipped with magnets and grabs, and double independent hooks and will allow the cabin to move independently from the main hooks, in order to maximize the efficiency of both wagon discharging operation and scrap bucket charging.

All cranes can work at temperatures of down to -40°C, in order to fit with the severe working conditions of Urals region.

The cranes will be designed and manufactured with the most updated mechanical and automation solutions to grant, according to Danieli, the highest level of operational safety, efficiency and availability.