The GBP87,000 (USD144,850) contract included the decommissioning of an old crane system, the installation of two 5t capacity cranes and a rail system, creating new footings to support the equipment, and final assembly and testing on site.

Each crane has a 17m span and operates to a beam height of 3.5m. Cosalt will also provide inspection and maintenance work for the cranes over the next three years.

The crane system will handle bulk steel

McArthur Group is a manufacturer of industrial products, such as steel beams, panels and plates, and the crane system will be used to handle bulk steel at the Plymouth facility. Many of the steel sections held at the facility are over 12m long and batches of steel can weigh several tonnes.

Cosalt is a provider of critical safety equipment for the marine, industrial and offshore markets, and supplies, inspects, tests and maintains a range of products, including lifting gear, rope and rigging. Costal said the McArthur Group contract “represents further expansion of Cosalt’s lifting business”.

Cosalt’s Ian Day said the main challenge of the contract was making sure the footings were strong enough to support the equipment.

“Sorting out the groundworks for the cranes proved to be a major challenge because the site is built on an old rover bed,” Day said. “To make sure the footings were strong enough we had to amend the footings from our original design.”

Cosalt’s Plymouth branch also had to transport the cranes to site in the evening in order to minimise traffic disruption, and manoeuvre them into the building through a narrow entrance.