US remote control vendor Control Chief has launched a range of remote controls from Swedish manufacturer Akerstroms.

It is distributing exclusively four Akerstroms lines in the US: the Sesam line, and the Remotus 7000, 8000 and Remotus 9000 series. The Akerstroms devices are less expensive and lighter than Control Chief’s own-build remote controls, says Brian Landries, material handling products manager.

Although the deal was signed a year ago, Control Chief has only sold a few Akerstroms controls then, Landries says, adding that the company plans to market them heavily in the first quarter of the year.

Higher up in the range is Control Chief’s own-manufactured TK6 transmitter and Command Chief PLC-controlled line.

The Akerstroms products have a lighter-weight transmitter and a lower cost than Control Chief’s own 8400 line, though he said that it has no plans to phase it out.

It is not Control Chief’s first OEM agreement. It also has a deal with Taiwanese firm Gain Radio for the least expensive controls, such as the SJ 5048 for light-duty cranes.