This complements the company’s other products for the crane and hoist market, including Jay Advanced, BridgeGuard, PowerGuard, QuickBridge and Nexus, Panos Gamvroudis, its controls and automation product manager, pointed out.

“We put a lot of time and effort into designing a product that would fill the gap in the market with a cost competitive, easy to use, all-in-one radio solution,” Panos Gamvroudis, Conductix- Wampfler’s controls and automation product manager said, noting that even though Airmark has only been in the market since mid-August it has already been generating positive feedback from his company’s customers.

“It is not only a high-quality product, but is easy to install and use,” he explained, adding that it essentially streamlines the whole process, “which is something that our customers appreciate”. Given that, he said that it has the potential to replace certain other radio products that some of its competitors offer.

“We discovered that a lot of customers were purchasing additional items from other manufacturers, such as horns and lights that needed to be externally installed,” Gamvroudis noted. But with Airmark Conductix includes the horns, the lights and antenna along with a receiver, two transmitters, two transmitters and two lanyards and offers such key features as standard crane three-motion, twospeed control as well as an auxiliary hoist, a tandem hoist and a tandem bridge, all at a standard price, he said.

Gamvroudis said that what really sets Airmark apart from other like radio solutions is that it is so easy to use.

“Programming it is a breeze. You can easily set it up to a crane without going through a lot of hoops, without going through power cycles or needing to activate the receiver,” he said, adding: “The customer literally just needs to take it out of the box and install it and it works. It is already synchronised.”

He noted that Conductix has also made it easy for customers to order Airmark through the company’s Quick Quote website. Also, given the ability of receivers to be adjusted from 48V to 230V, Gamvroudis said that customers don’t need to buy multiple radios for their facility. They can do everything that they need to do using just one receiver.

“Also, with Airmark you get quality, convenience, ease of use and reliability without any hidden costs,” Gamvroudis said. He explained: “Our radios are smart. They automatically adjust their transmission power for maximum battery life. Plus, its ergonomic design makes our customers’ operations move smoother.”

He said that with Airmark you can control all three motions by just pushing two buttons on a transmitter that fits comfortably in your hand. Also, the only downtime is for set-ups and for the automatic radio management that is necessary to make sure that that is operations remain smooth.

There are also certain safety and security aspects to Airmark. For example, such items that companies often have to buy separately like horns and warning lights, are built in. Gamvroudis said that also its data transmission is secured through industry-standard Hamming codes – a secure way to keep third-party threats at bay. It also has a pin code start-up option.

Gamvroudis said that given its already very robust portfolio – including for overhead cranes – Conductix does not currently have any additional products on the drawing board: “However, we are always looking for ways to up our game and to continue to offer innovative solutions.

By Myra Pinkham