The Sidewinder incorporates a 360° rotating lever and a fold-out revolving handle.

The offset, or curved, design of the 360° rotating lever keeps the operator’s hand and body aligned with the load chain.

According to the manufacturer, this reduces the risk of the twist effect, when a hoist twists around the chain, and the need to stabilise the hoist with another hand.

Recessed in the lever, the heavy-duty steel core handle folds down into position on either side of the lever, allowing for easy operation from any angle. The handle is grooved to provide a secure grip, even with gloves.

Working in unison, these integrated components allow the operator to realise the full potential of 360° rotation while working in a safe and ergonomic position.

“This unique design reduces repetitive wrist action experienced with traditional lever hoists, letting the operator utilise a full 360° range of motion to work up to 12 times faster. The Tornado’s double-reduction gearing and high-quality bearings decrease pull force by up to 30%, minimizing operator fatigue as compared to using conventional ratchet lever tools,” said Columbus McKinnon.

The CM Tornado 360° is available in 0.75t and 1.5t capacities. Higher-capacity 3t and 6t units will be available soon. The Tornado has 5ft standard lift with 10ft, 15ft, 20ft and ‘less chain’ units also available. Additional lifts are available upon request.

Andre Schon, senior global product manager for manual hoist products, said that the design of this product was a result of an extensive research.

A global team of Columbus McKinnon engineers and application specialists worked with the Institute for Product Innovation at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, to perform an in-depth ergonomic study into how people use ratchet lever tools to perform their jobs.

Research included more than 200 customer interviews across ten countries, as well as numerous on-site evaluations of real-life applications for traditional lever tools.

“The study revealed that lever hoists are more often used for pulling and securing than they are for lifting. And, in many applications, proper, safe and ergonomic use is not possible,” the company said.

Using the data collected, Columbus McKinnon engineered and built the CM Tornado, which is currently available to customers in the US and Canada. Outside of the North American market, the hoist is available to customers under the Yale brand as the Yale Ergo 360 ratchet lever hoist.   

The CM Tornado 360° joins the CM family of hoist products, including the CM Hurricane 360° hand chain hoist.