“We have historically manufactured hoists to a US ANSI standard,” Librock said. “What we are going to produce in early 2006 is a wire rope hoist designed to European FEM standards. It will be manufactured partly in Muskegon, Michigan, USA and some components will be manufactured in China. The goal is that it will be assembled in major markets around the world. It is intended to support all the crane builders worldwide.”

“We will sell this FEM hoist and the ANSI hoist in the US, because there is a following for the ANSI product,” Librock said. “Outside the US, typically ANSI hoists are not as well accepted.” He confirmed that the hoist will not have a load brake.

Librock said that the hoist will be branded Shaw-Box and Yale, and will “most likely” be branded Yale in Europe.

“Initially we are focusing on the bread and butter hoist market,” Librock says, with four initial models: 5, 10, 15 and 20 US tons (4.5t, 9t, 13.6t and 18t). Eventually, he says, the model will range from 2 US tons (1.8t) to 50 US tons (45t).