This is a first order for this type of crane for CICE, but it will be their 10th Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbor crane delivered along their 30 years of operations. The order was booked in December 2021 and the crane will be delivered in April 2022.

“We are expecting larger vessels to call at our terminal in the Port of Veracruz, so we need to invest in a larger crane. We have operated nine Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes over the last 20 years and have been very satisfied with their performance and reliability. So Konecranes Gottwald has been the first choice in this crane acquisition process. This new Generation 6 crane, which will be crane number 10, which promises even more handling capacity and service life,” said Leoncio Perez, CEO, Grupo CICE.

CICE provides port and logistics services since 1991 at several locations in Mexico from its head office in Veracruz. The Port of Veracruz is the oldest and largest port in the country and includes CICE’s largest facility. With a continuing expansion of terminal capacity, CICE is looking to upgrade its equipment with a high-capacity crane that can handle both containers and general and project cargo.

The Generation 6 crane will be a Konecranes Gottwald ESP.9 Mobile Harbor Crane, with a working radius of up to 61m and a lifting capacity of 125t. It features a tower extension for reaching higher container stacks on deck and a better view of the vessels and working environment. It provides a strong lifting capacity curve for high handling performance and an A7 classification in container handling for a long service life.

“CICE’s reaching of this milestone with us demonstrates the confidence they have in our brand and the new Generation 6 cranes as we move forward in a solid business partnership that has been going strong for over two decades,” added Andreas Moeller, senior sales manager, Mobile Harbor Cranes, Konecranes Port Solutions.

“This crane also underlines how we adapt to changing customer needs, particularly with regard to crane size and handling performance,” said Marc Wellenberg, regional sales manager, Konecranes Port Solutions. “It opens another chapter in the success story of Konecranes in the Americas, as the eyes of customers in the region are opening to see the benefits of our new Generation 6 mobile harbor crane.”