Designed for various applications including machine tool shop use, the new hoist also can be used in a clean room environment. Cheng Day already has supplied this model to several flat screen TV panel manufacturers in Taiwan and China.

“We have come out with something new,” commented Cheng Day’s manager, John Pan. “We used to have an old, non-compatible heavy duty model, but it was not suitable for the European market. So we decided to develop a new, more compact model in a European style. The headroom is lower for the FEM 2M as it is a compact unit.”

Cheng Day will supply the new heavy duty, compact model, which features a slipping clutch, through the company’s regular sales channels. Pan noted the hoist also is being offered as an OEM model and can be supplied under the buyer’s brand name on request.

The company is also showing a portable 240kg capacity hoist, which accepts single-phase current at 110V or 230V. It has continuously adjustable speed from 2m/min (6.5fpm) to 10m/min (32fpm).