The so-called SmaRT wireless utilises state-of-the-art RF technologies and offers DSSS transceiver RF communications standard allowing for feedback to operators via three tri-colored LEDs on each handheld or LCD display options. “The systems are industrial grade and weatherproof,” Cervis added.

Cervis will also introduce its new SmaRT PG-1000 single proportional handheld remote unit. Utilising the SmaRT wireless technology “this bullet proof unit provides the market an intelligent, sturdy, next generation product to solve all of the current market offerings issues.”

In cooperation with Ikusi of San Sebastian, Spain, Cervis will use NA08 to present the new 70M and expanded TM70 wireless control platforms. The new 70M 4, 6 and 10 function wireless control systems utilise many of the unique features of the TM70 controls including the transferable EEPROM feature and 900MHz transmission.

Building on the TM70’s success the more compact, lower cost 70M provides customers with standard AA batteries, simple user programmable AC or PWM DC outputs.