Certex Danmark has supplied two cranes to Danish company Dan-Foam, which develops and manufactures Tempur mattresses, pillows and other relaxation products to 90-plus markets around the world.

The cranes are for handling foil rolls in packaging machines, and were delivered in collaboration with Vetter Krantechnik, Niko Helm Hellas, Liftket Hoffmann, and Danfoss.

The first crane is Certex-Vetter Meister M column-mounted jib crane, with a 250kg capacity, which comes with a Liftket Star electric chain hoist and Danfoss radio control. It was chosen because it has infinite electric slewing by 360° for maximum mobility.

The second crane is a Certex-Niko mono light crane solution with a 250kg capacity and a track length of 9.5m. It too has a capacity of 250kg and is equipped with a Liftket Star electric chain hoist and Danfoss radio control.

Installation challenges included working out the best way to fit the cranes into the tall building, where it was not necessary to use the full height, and how to strap down the mono crane in a way that works well in the room.

“This [mono] crane is a good option in tight spaces, and in this case it was possible to strap the rail/track from the existing construction and use pillars on the ground – good solutions since we did not need to use the total height of the building,” says Certex.

The Liftket Star electric chain hoist used in both cranes has a lifting speed of 2/8m per min, a lifting height of 5m, a working load limit (WLL) of 250kg, plus a motorised trolley.

Certex says it secured the contract based on having a prior relationship with Dan-Foam and supporting it with other lifting equipment. It also reports that the customer is pleased with its tailored solution.

“It is a crane solution to support enhanced efficiency and improved working environment for the workers,” says Certex.

The Certex brand, which operates across the world, is one of several lifting businesses that are part of parent company Axel Johnson International.