Cargotec welcomes new chair of the Board

2 May 2022

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Cargotec Corporation’s Board of Directors elected by the Annual General Meeting has announced the appointment of Jaakko Eskola as the new company chair.

Eskola will succeed Ilkka Herlin who has chosen to step down as the chair of the Board having served as chair for 17 years since 2005. The change will take effect immediately. Ilkka Herlin will continue as a member of the board and as the vice chair.

Eskola joined Cargotec’s Board in March 2021 after a distinguished career in Wärtsilä and was elected as vice chair of Cargotec’s Board of Directors previously in March 2022.

“It has been a privilege to be chair of this unique company. As we move into a new phase of the company I’m pleased to welcome Jaakko as my successor. I have strong confidence in Cargotec’s next wave of growth. Jaakko brings a wealth of industry and leadership experience across a wide range of companies that ideally equip him to help Cargotec navigate the transition into a more sustainable and profitable business that continues to generate substantial value for shareholders and customers,” said Herlin.

“I’m very humbled and excited to accept the role as chair of Cargotec, particularly at such an exceptional time for the industry and wider society. I’m honoured to succeed Ilkka and I look forward to working closely with the leadership to continue to ensure that Cargotec makes a positive impact for all stakeholders. I have already participated in the shaping of the refocused strategy that Cargotec has recently communicated and I’m convinced this is the right time to accelerate the transition to an even more profitable and futureproof business,” added Eskola.

Herlin will continue as a member of both the Audit and Risk Committee and Compensation and Nomination committee. Eskola will chair the Compensation and Nomination committee.

As of today, Cargotec's Board of Directors consists of:
Jaakko Eskola, Chair
Ilkka Herlin, Vice Chair
Teresa Kemppi-Vasama
Johanna Lamminen
Casimir Lindholm
Kaisa Olkkonen
Teuvo Salminen
Heikki Soljama