The program works for all CAD systems currently in use and can be used to design a range of products necessary for construction drawings, quotes and orders. It can design for the following product groups: screw jacks, linear actuators, flexible protection boots, ball screws, travelling nuts, motor mounting flanges and bevel gear boxes.

For example, CAD & Go users can configure parts for a SHE worm gear screw jack with menus to select model, size, position, ratio and lifting capacity. They may then automatically generate the product code to use when ordering.

Additional improvements to the program have resulted in a greater number of 2D and 3D formats. Amendments to the navigation menu make it comparable to the company’s website.

The program is free to use on Pffaf-silberblau’s website and does not require registration, the company says.

Following the SHE range data update, the company will update the HSE and MERKUR range data.