Lower Monumental Dam is located on the Snake River near the town of Kahlotus, Washington. The Lower Monumental 600 ton bridge crane is used for handling hydroelectric generating unit components inside the powerhouse. The bridge crane was installed in 1967. The crane has two 300 ton traveling trolleys, each with one 300 ton main hoist and 30 ton auxiliary hoist.

SOW Outline Follows:

Major electrical components removed and replaced include the main line conductors & collectors, drives, motors, controls, cabinets, and crane lights, and conduit and cable and other associated equipment.

Crane cab work includes: Replace existing cab with new fully enclosed cab, provide new warning lights, bells, PA system, operators chair w/ integral crane controls, egress hatch, AC unit, HMI, and remote control devices for bridge travel, trolley travel and AH control. New paint.

Bridge crane general work includes: New bridge drive arrangement with new gear motor drives on new bridge drive trucks (4 total), align bridge drive gears, modify lower bridge walkway for installation of new bridge drives, provide new cages for upper bridge access ladders, fall protection anchoring points, new crane access gate, new upstream crane corbel access gate, repair of defective welds, downstream rail repair and rail alignment surveys, new downstream crane corbel fall restraint system, safety chains/cables on trolley bumpers and bridge bumpers, and new bridge travel and trolley travel limit switches. Touch-up paint as required.

300 Ton trolley work includes: New fall protection trolley skirt for both trolleys, replace trolley drive shaft seals and bearings, repair/replace bent rail sweeps, new toe plates, oil flush for existing gearboxes (main hoist (MH), auxiliary hoist (AH) and trolley drive gearboxes), replace cover seal on upstream AH gearbox only, and modify or replace MH high speed shaft. The remaining following work is typical for both the MH and AH: replace motor couplings, replace drum bearings and seals, replace wire rope, provide new rotary limit switches, provide new load cell pins, align open gears, provide new shear pins and shear plates, replace weighted limit switches, re-build AH load blocks, replace felt seals on MH load blocks, and refurbish AH and MH load hooks.

Other work as specified includes: Post rehabilitation inspection, performance and load testing, training of project personnel in operation and maintenance of the crane, and provide Operation & Maintenance Manuals and As-Built Drawings.

Deadline: March 31, 2009


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