Brevini said the new gear reducers, which are protected by a specific patent, feature a combination of planetary and helical/bevel helical gears that takes advantage of the strengths of each technology – compact size, reliability and easy maintenance.

It added: “The new series of lighter, more compact gear reducers surpass traditional solutions for planetary and bevel helical gear reducers and also ensure shorter production times and lower production costs.”

The design of the gear units is based upon precise analyses using FEM (Finite Elements Method) techniques applied to 3D models, which means that performance, in terms of duration and silence, was optimised already in the virtual prototype phase.

The combination of planetary gear units and bevel/helical gearboxes called High Power is the new solution provided by Brevini Power Transmission for any high power industrial application, such as materials handling, mining, marine equipment, metal processing, pulp and paper and the recycling industry. Brevini high power gear units are designed to offer superior efficiency and performance compared to conventional drives.

These powerful gear units match the innovative technology of Brevini’s planetary output stages with the high quality of PIV Posired’s bevel-helical gearboxes. The result is this new series of gear drives, in right angle configuration, that links the reliable high thermal efficiency and quiet power transmission of helical and bevel-helical gearboxes with the benefits of versatile, high torque output configurations typical of planetary gear units.

The application range of the Brevini power transmission gear units includes a variety of ratios – from 1:100 to 1:660 – and a transmission capacity of up to 950kW of power. Standard accessory offerings include motor flanges, back stop device, cooling fan and coils and torque arm connections.

Brevini has also launched the rotating outer casing planetary gear units that are especially designed for use as winch drives inside cable drums. The new catalogue covers two series of gear unit that, between them, provide the “ideal solution” for all lifting applications.

PWD series gear units are designed for use as winch drives for loads of up to 12t. SLW series gear units are designed for use as winch drives for loads of over 12t.

These winch drive gear units represent the latest in Brevini Riduttori technology, and are the result of over 30 years of experience in all sorts of lifting application. These units are brand new in concept, design and manufacturing process, and replace the old RAF series winch gearboxes, improving performance and extending the range of application in the process.

Performance figures given in the catalogue refer to FEM standards and in particular to class M5 (T5-L2) for output speeds of 15 rpm. This is the most common classification for the mobile crane and on-board winch markets.

Brevini Riduttori said it leads the field in performance calculation and verification, and uses powerful software (BreCalc) that can also verify gear units in conformity to other standards and any specific operational situation.

Brevini Riduttori holds a Type Approval Certificate from Det Norske Veritas, and claimed it can, therefore, carry out certification in the shortest of times.