Bradley trolley wheel changer

28 February 2005

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Bradley Lifting reports increasing interest for its overhead crane trolley wheel changer.

The device consists of a long horizontal bar that hangs from the hook of a mobile crane or a second nearby overhead crane.

The wheel fits to one end of the attachment and is held in place with a strap and a fixing screw.

Once attached, the counterweight is ratcheted backward with a pneumatic wrench until the bar balances under the hook.

The wheel and wheel changer can be then be lifted to a jacked up trolley.

Of course the attachment can also remove crane wheels from a trolley.

The attachment saves workers having to roll the heavy, unsecured trolley wheels into position.

Two have been sold so far, to Alcoa Aluminium plants in Alcoa, Tennessee and Warwick, Indiana, USA.

The product is custom-designed to exact customer requirements.

Bradley Lifting crane wheel changer Bradley Lifting crane wheel changer