Originally, Bomac designed and manufactured custom-built materials handling equipment to solve specific handling needs in the conveyor industry.


The Altrac is made of high tensile strength aluminium and can span 4m with 500kg on load and 7m with 100kg.

McFarlane said: “The key to the ease of assembly of the Altrac system is the range of standard brackets and mountings, plus the provision of T slots in the extruded track section upper flange to allow the use of captive nut fasteners.”


He added the three slots give unlimited scope for the positioning of suspension brackets and mounting locations, providing easy mounting of ancillary equipment such as collector rails, catenary systems, electrical equipment, air lines and fittings.


A full range of structural brackets is available to easily and safely install and support the complete system.

Bomac complies with standards AS1418, AS1891.2 and EN795.